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Vision Vs. The Little Things

Vision is great and important. As I said yesterday, I’ve got piles of papers with ideas, plans, and vision of all sorts.

Vision is one of those words that’s typically taken as positive, or without qualification. Some vision is great, some is lousy, some is unrealistic (hopefully!), and some is downright wrong.

Vision’s what gets me up in the morning. And when I’m not working toward a vision, I have trouble getting up in the morning. It’s why I pass on a lot of opportunities that might be blockbuster companies, or intellectually stimulating, but lack a vision that I can embrace.

For me, that vision has to at least contribute to the greater good.

So you’ve got your vision. Now put it up there on the window sill, or hang it from the ceiling and shine a light on it, and roll up your sleeves.

It’s the little things, stupid.

When you’re an ADD entrepreneur, organization is, well, we organize differently from, say, more organized people. But we have the same amount (or more) of little things to worry about, work on, track, respond to, etc.

Building a business is about the details–the color of the logo, the tone of our voices, the tone of copy, the customer’s experience from the time they learn they need help to the time they leave your showroom.

So every day you get up to go work on the vision, walk over to it and kiss it hello or salute it or curse it, but then it’s heads down, grinding work around the details. The details are what matter.

Sweat the little things.

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