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Starters & Finishers

Fred posted on Finishing today. I’ve allowed this line to stalk me for years:

“You never finish anything.”

Spoken by the VP of Engineering at ChiliSoft. Bastard. He was wrong, but right.  Right in that I don’t finish some things. Wrong in that I finish things in my own way.

Maybe it was the way I communicated things we were going to try and they were interpreted as “complete this at all costs”. Maybe not.

Some of us are starters–that’s the highest value application of our time. The best thing to do is get it rolling and then bring in specialist to do it better. That’s finishing, too; our job is to get things rolling. And keep getting new things rolling.

But when I look around the apartment, or at my github account, Russ’s damn words pop up in my head, along with that sneer, which he earned because he was a finisher.

Screw that, I’m a starter. Here’s to the Starters.

(love the half-ass lip sync)

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