New Startup

I was driving to an auction of a horse farm about 8 weeks ago to hopefully find something worthwhile for the community gardens, when a friend called to tell me about his idea. 

My initial and subsequent reactions were that yes, it’s a great idea, and you should really do it. But I thought the chances of him going all in were low, simply because it’s hard to launch a startup and he’s on a great career path. 
So I was happily surprised when he said he wanted to do it, and asked me to join him as co-founder. The one major criterion that I have for starting or joining something is that it has to have the potential for a big positive impact on the world; the mission has to make a difference in people’s lives. This easily meets that criterion. 
He visited Lancaster for an early brainstorming/planning session, it went well, and, well, I’m all in too. We’re bi-coastal; I’ll be in Lancaster/NYC most of the time and he’s on the West Coast. I’ll give more detail when we’re ready. 
The timeline is agressive: launching in September. We’re hiring a developer/architect to work in Lancaster, so if you know of anyone with serious skills please send them my way. If we’re smart I’ll be codeless on this 🙂

Anyway, it feels good to be working on something I really believe in again. 

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