Authentic Conversation

When I think through the people I know from Startup Lancaster, some strike me as authentic and open, and others as constantly posturing.

Always on.

I get that–I’ve been there. You don’t want to show that it’s hard. Things aren’t working out like you told everyone they would. You’re screwing up but if you admit it you’ll lose the last possible chance that someone might save you. You don’t know how to face people and say you’re not making it and don’t know what to do.

So you put on your little show. We’ve all done it.

Today Fred posted an interview between my old coach and longtime friend Jerry Colonna and his longtime friend (and coaching client) Jason Calacanis.

I’d also kind of not really liked Jason, and then kind of have, and then not again.   Especially after the public crap with Arrington.

But I don’t know him.

This interview changed my mind. I still don’t know him, but I really respect his authenticity here, his accomplishments, and how he views his failures. But especially his willingness to open up to Jerry in public.

You’ll see around 40 minutes in as Jerry goes into coach mode, which is more conversation than coaching, so a lot of what he’s doing is subtle.

It’s not magic. It’s just authentic conversation.

Go watch the whole thing.

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