Digging in, Again

From 1999 during the sale of ChiliSoft until sometime in 2013 I blogged regularly, mostly about startup life. For a while I posted daily, but by 2013 I felt I had said what I needed to say (and beyond), and there were and are a ton of startup resources now. And in that same year I changed my focus to building the food company, a hard labor of love with a heartbreaking ending.

But now it feels like the right time to start digging in, again, as I bootstrap a new startup, coding everything myself to start. We’re in an amazing period of possibility and innovation–so much is possible that simply wasn’t even 10 years ago.

As a rusty writer it’s difficult to express how exciting this period is, with the frequent introduction of groundbreaking, broadly accessible technologies and improvements, all constantly evolving; new markets developing where none existed.

Along with the amazing platforms of possibility come the imperfect impacts of human frailty: greed begets grift, fraud, ethical breaches, and some of the most challenging and potentially harmful tech-related issues in human history.

The main reason I blog now is the same as before: to help others by sharing insights and lessons learned, and help clarify my own thoughts and writing. Hopefully the posts will be more interesting than this one ;).

The Old Blog
I plan to curate and repurpose some of the content from the over 1500 posts from over the years, and as part of that effort intend to put into yet another startup guide or book. In the meantime that content is available and searchable on Blogger.

The new startup is Nudgebase (currently site-less). The focus will be on making daily life easier for people using a combination of old tech, the power of habits, some new tech, and simple design.

I had intended to release the first app this month, but a holiday bout of covid blew away the January 2nd target date. I’ll talk more about the genesis of this, and the broader vision for it over the coming months.

The general categorical mix: AI-infused health, wellness, and customer engagement, simplified. I’ll share the links on social media platforms and look forward to your comments there. Now let’s dig in…