Digging in, Again

From 1999 during the sale of ChiliSoft until sometime in 2013 I blogged regularly, mostly about startup life. For a while I posted daily, but by 2013 I felt I had said what I needed to say (and beyond), and there were and are a ton of startup resources now. And in that same year…More


As I get closer to a go/no-go decision on a project, I’ve been thinking about the difference about my vision for the project and the supportive innovations to enable the core innovations The vision combines (in unequal parts) product, core innovation as I imagine it, the application of that core innovation, design, marketing,  developer ecosystem,…More

Technology for Tech’s Sake

I’m a technologist and I spend a fair amount of time every day thinking about, researching, or testing new applications of technology. So when I say you don’t need certain technologies, or can do with less, it’s not because I’m out of touch, certainly, or don’t know the arguments for applications of tech, or because…More