Father's Day

It takes we a while–usually into the evening–to celebrate Father’s Day. Mine passed away in 1996 of cancer, and I have never been a father, though would like to be. One defining thing of my marriage was the repeated fear around the six pregnancies, all of which ended up badly, with my then-wife’s health in…More

Real conversation

I was honored to have my name mentioned a few times in this conversation¬†between Fred, William, Arnold, And JLM–friends from AVC.com. That’s weird and amazing–I have friends from all of us commenting on a blog and getting to know each other in the real world. I’m much more interested in offline conversations than online ones.…More

Hiring Courtesy

I really hate when I’ve reached out to someone and they don’t respond. It’s even worse if you’ve made an effort on their behalf–you’ve invested time and thought and they can’t summon the courtesy to simply say no, this isn’t going to work.¬† And I’m a hypocrite–I do that from time to time: failing to…More