Beta Update

Sometimes things just aren’t going well, yet things are going really well. I haven’t worked in over a year, and have been kicking about trying new things out, figuring things out, and finally committing to an idea I’ve had for a long time. In between I’ve consulted to a number of companies–mostly startups. A few…More

Sign Up for the Focus Beta

The new software is coming along slowly. Ironically, it’s to help people focus while using the computer, and I’ve had trouble focusing throughout the development progress. While the software isn’t just for those with ADD/ADHD, it’s been helpful for me ever since I finished a few features that help block out distractions. A few years…More

Private Beta

I’ve been working on something for about 6 months. The results are decent, but it’s not where I want it to be yet. It’s time for feedback! The software is designed to help me focus. The funny thing is, it’s taken so long to get it finished because I’m having trouble focusing. With the software…More