Startup Equity Allocation

I might be building a new team for the new company. While I’m a little reluctant to do so because it’s always a risk, I do miss having people I can count on and who are pulling for the work we’re doing. Teams can be great (and they can break down, as well–a subject for…More

Featured in Inc as "Saving the World"

Really nice–and unexpected–mention in this Inc Magazine article. They point out the 20% donation by Mission Research founders; I gave 30%, the others gave 10%, for a combined 20%; all of us gave ┬ámuch more than usual. We did this by donating stock to a donor-advised fund in a foundation. At some point the donation…More

Founders, turn off your phones. It's Thanksgiving.

I’ve ┬átaken advantage of my self-important missions to save the world through software in some negative ways. I ‘m guessing most founders do it; it’s easy to be so intent on trying to serve your vision you end up overworking, working ineffectively, abusing relationships, taking advantage of the benefit of the doubt–all justified by your…More