Startup Ecosystems

Fred Wilson posted about this yesterday here. The Lancaster/Central Penn area has suffered from the pull of the Silicon Valley and other tech centers, as entrepreneurs move their startups there and top developers get sucked into those ecosystems with the lure of good jobs at Google, Apple, and other large companies. CoTweet moved “to be…More

Strategic vs. Linear Acquisitions

Acquisitions are up from the same time last year, mostly because the economy had everybody holding their collective breath while they figured out how and where the failure of the economic system would kick them and how hard. The exhalation started sometime in Spring and is about to accelerate–it’s a perfect time for┬ácompanies with cash…More

Startup Valuation & Early Stage Deals

I’m going through the exercise of creating a deal document in anticipation of raising investment. In the past, I’ve used the convertible note with kickers for early risk as a way to simplify raising money without having to set a value for the company. The note simply converts into the first VC round, with a…More