As I get closer to a go/no-go decision on a project, I’ve been thinking about the difference about my vision for the project and the supportive innovations to enable the core innovations The vision combines (in unequal parts) product, core innovation as I imagine it, the application of that core innovation, design, marketing,  developer ecosystem,…More

Technology for Tech’s Sake

I’m a technologist and I spend a fair amount of time every day thinking about, researching, or testing new applications of technology. So when I say you don’t need certain technologies, or can do with less, it’s not because I’m out of touch, certainly, or don’t know the arguments for applications of tech, or because…More

Projects vs. Startups

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about the difference between my successful starts and my projects, which I’ll call R&D that never makes it to market. The start is the most fun, and it can also be the hardest part; it’s certainly the most important: talk with likely customers and figure out the market, understand…More