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I’m packing my office/studio today. Most of the work is done, but I have a lot of little things that I’d like to organize.

I have the original Diamond Rio mp3 player. Do I keep it? I’m pretty sure I have some old recordings of mine still on it, so yes. Plus it was released 7 years before the iPod, and was a pretty great early product.

The Handspring PDA with cellular module is an interesting one too. Museum?

I still have my Dell dual XEON processor workstation from 2001; it can record 32 channels of digital music simultaneously, though applying audio effects makes it skip if there are toon many applied.

So a few years ago I got a basic HP media computer, and it doesn’t skip at all. Definitely a keeper, and I’ll donate the Dell.

So how much is enough?  If you’ve been in love with recording all your life, you feel the need to have as many tools available as possible. Especially if you remember the pain of paying your hard-earned cash to a studio to get a record done.

So I’m hanging on to a lot of things, but throwing out others. And I’m throwing out almost any paper, unless it’s lyrics, letters, or tax related.

It’s not fun moving, but I’ve enjoyed meeting some old lyrics again, and taking a tour through tech history  as I sift through what had to have been thousands of dollars of crap that I had to get because, well, I’ve always lived at the edge of innovation.

Less so now–I don’t feel the need to get the latest of everything, though I want a 3D printer and still will try the new new thing.

De-clutter. Simplify. Pack it, store it, and then pack a bag with just enough: an AD/DA converter to record, an acoustic guitar, 1 decent mic, my airbook, a thin, light monitor, and clothes.

For the next few weeks–maybe months–I’m going to be on the road, living more simply, and finishing what I started with Jawaya.

When I come back, I expect I’ll wish i had thrown more out, and will do so as I move into the next place.

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