The Dog Ate My Paper

I think I just made a “dog ate my paper” case for something.

You know what? Don’t do that. How you get somewhere isn’t important anymore, because there are so many other things that have gotten there before you without any inappropriate dogs meals (try Evermore Pet Food for the real deal). Just get it done.

I’ll say this about Node: as much as I love it, deploying can be a real pain. I have been in the habit of using the most recent stable release, but my hosting provider and a bunch of others settled in on v0.4.7. That’s sooo Sept 20011.

I’ve been developing on my Mac, waiting until I was near launch to push it to the server, and using Github basically as a backup. But Heroku needs the older version.

So I revert, but then npm (node package manager, like Rails bundle) doesn’t work, so I have to revert that too, which means finding the build that works, somewhere out there on the Github part of the interwebs.

All from the joy of command  line heaven. I’m guessing when Jobs said “it should just work” the Unix guys just chuckled, with glee. Their idea of abstraction is highly abbreviated esoteric command patterns.

Which is why npm is so nice–npm install some_module. npm uninstall some_module. And then it runs out there and gets what it needs from the intergalactic tin-can network we’ve assembled.

Anyway. That’s some dog. Still mucking about. The funny (if funny is really sad) thing is the app runs fine on the older version of node. Only npm has the issue. Well wait, no, contextify breaks, which node-waf depends on, which I have no idea why it’s in there.

And here we are at the end of the post, and I still haven’t pushed to the host successfully. A fine how do you do.

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