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I’ve been helping, a Q&A platform for experts to give advice. As part of the work we’ve developed a set of widgets for our paying members to take questions directly on their sites.

I’ve just installed a new one at the top of this blog. You can ask a question and give up to three options. Other visitors will be able to vote on those options, and I’ll get notified of your question. If you ask, keep the tone positive please.

My answer will come in the comments; if you choose Startups as your category, my advice will appear on top, and perhaps a bit over-dramatically highlighted 🙂 (that was my design).

Other experts will be able to weigh in; all of them have businesses of their own and will be able to give you unique perspectives.

This is still in beta mode, and we have a major UI change coming to the site itself. But I imagine that at some point the site will be more of a directory of experts and less a place to go vote and comment on people’s questions.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you in the comments.

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