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Hunkering Down

Here we are again, talking about the weather.

Two days ago I sprained my wrist after tripping in a parking lot. I had plans to plant garlic at the gardens, but called it off because of my wrist and moved it to Monday. And then saw the weather and called it back on again.

So a few of us planted garlic, and I just suffered through it, oh poor me, who faceplanted while checking email.

I like big storms. I don’t like death and destruction, flooded homes and ruined farmland, but I like the storms themselves. It’s one of the few times the Earth reminds you of its own power, plus the post-storm waves are usually double overhead on the East Coast with an offshore wind–perfect barrels. I’m a watcher on those days, not a surfer.

On Thursday I start working on the book again. I have maybe a few hundred pages, and I’m organizing and narrowing down. It’s not easy, and I’ve thought about starting over. I might be trying to do too much, and will likely break it into two books.

We shall see. Until then, rush to the your local farmers market, stock up on fall veggies and fresh grass-fed free-range righteous beef and chicken, make some soup, and batten down the hatches.

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