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Hammer Out a Quick Slideshow

I just hammered out a quick slideshow to explain a possible new business model around the “interest graph”.

I’ll just say this: there’s no such thing as hammering out a quick slideshow, for me anyway. It took a couple of hours, and I’m still tweaking it. Needs work.

Fred Wilson puts together pretty good graphic slides–it makes a lot of sense if you’re speaking and use the slides as launch points.

But this requires more detail–it’s explaining a complex idea.

The thing that takes time is taking a clear crisp idea and NOT over-explaining it. I over-explain, but also miss key parts.

So then I iterate, and then I start to care about the visuals, which end up sucking anyway.

So note to self: this isn’t easy to just hammer our because you have to figure out exactly what needs to be expressed given the audience.

So who’s the audience?

Hell I dunno. Just a couple of people I’m talking to about this. An investor, a developer, a marketing guy. Three different audience types.

The one thing every one of them cares about: who pays you, what are they paying for, and how do you get more of them to pay for it.

Model is everything.

Anyway, it takes a lot longer. And now I’ve got to run some errands to prep for packing the house–fun fun all around 🙂

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